Asafe Informática ‘ is a mining company that has been present in the software market for 10 years, specializing in the planning, definition, implementation and monitoring of specific projects for the computer area, contemplating advisory and consultancy for the Process automation.

In its continuous expansion, Asafe, acting with software, has focused its focus on strategic areas, offering a wide range of services and customized products with efficient management, guaranteeing its customers the achievement of their goals and the full Satisfaction of their needs, with a perfect adequacy of the relationship “cost x benefit”.

With the firm purpose of maintaining and improving its commitments of quality and preservation of investments, with its customers, Asafe dedicates special attention to the technical and personal training of its employees, which, in summary, results in solutions Technologically updated.

The company has as its mission the pursuit of excellence in the computer business, presenting a high degree of quality in customer service, also defined as partners, seeking a continuous and mutual growth of the trading parties.